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Spectral Security

Spectral Security offers strategic and tactical services that support defense and recovery operations within a variety of digital security domains.

Our capabilities are broad, ranging from developing custom hardware solutions and software applications to architecting and auditing secure network infrastructures and offering expert guidance within the security rubric.

We combine our expertise in IT security with a deep understanding of the rapidly evolving global and technological environments.

By offering a unique blend of technical expertise and knowledge of physical threat management, we can holistically address security issues across both cyber and real world domains.

We help clients manage risks and threats, improve the value of their operations, and implement innovative solutions that enable them to thrive in an increasingly complex digital environment.



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  • Twitter: SpectralSec

About Us

SpectralSecurity is a multi-disciplinary team of highly experienced and respected professionals from intelligence, security, IT, telecom, finance, biotechnology, and energy.